Friday, July 09, 2010

Memory, or lack of it

When people talk about "turning into one's mother," it's often not referred to as a very pleasant thing. In fact, I can think of many reasons why I want to be like my mother: she's kind, generous, thoughtful, smart and funny, just to name a few. A few weeks ago, a lady in the local library was trying to buy some second-hand books for her son and was short 20p; she went to put the book back on the rack to come back for it later and I asked the librarian how much it was in case I had the spare change to offer it to the woman (cue slightly awkward moment where the librarian thought that I was trying to buy the same book). The woman happily accepted it and said that her son loved those books, and I thought to myself that I could see my Mom offering the same thing. Incidentally, I was quite excited to realize as I was handing over the coin that I had actually found a 20p coin at the post office that very afternoon, so it was a kind of harmonious return of the coin to a place it was needed (I thought that Becca Harrison might like that in a kind of happy karma way).

Recently, however, I have encountered a situation that I have seen my Mom struggle with time and time again, and I absolutely can't believe it's happening to me, still being in my "early 30's" (ok, barely) and supposedly a bit more au fait with these things. And no, it has nothing to do with hair color or facial lines, although that's happening too! There have been several times this week when I have gone to take a picture only to find that the memory cards on my camera are full. These are not dinky cards, either - something like 2GB each (goodness only knows what mega and gigabytes actually are, but anyway, I know that 2GB should be plenty for my purposes, provided that you save the photos on to the computer, delete from the card, and move on). In an effort to actually make some in-roads on this project, this will be my last post for now, but hopefully it will mean that when I come back into the land of blogging, it will be with more pictures! And that, of course, will make my mother very happy.

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