Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Happy Independence Day, part 2

Tuesday was a day full of milestones for us. Noah, starting from his back, rolled over. I say "starting from his back" because he actually rolled over last week, but that time he had sort of started on his side on the bed so I figured it shouldn't count. This Tuesday he was under the little play gym and I went out to the kitchen to get something. When I came back, I found him struggling on his tummy, looking like this:

I was initially pretty proud of the little man, but then we've had to deal with the unpleasant consequences of him being able to get over, but ending up with his arm trapped underneath him and still unable to lift his head, which makes him grunt and shriek. I am quite envious of him being able to be on his stomach, since I can't do this for fear of crushing his source of nourishment, aka my "bosom" (for some reason knowing that there are some of my mother's friends who read this blog I struggle to write "boobs"). My little placid baby has definitely found his voice this week - and it's a loud one! I am still trying to work out whether he's just figured out that if he does pipe up, he'll get a lot more attention, or whether he's been bothered by the recent heat, or whether it's this rolling over thing that's making him feel off-balance. We'll see what next week brings. He had found his thumb on this occasion, and of course inside I'm then thinking, "What's better, the pacifier or his thumb?" Each has its advantages and disadvantages...

As for brother Blake, and on to the title of this post, we tried him on Tuesday in his "big boy" bed. I went to Ikea on Monday and then spent all day rearranging furniture and constructing the flat pack kit, breaking into a sweat and being slightly befuddled at the very last step in the instruction booklet. Of course with Ikea furniture, the instructions are all in pictures (which, given my newfound love of the graphic novel, should suit me fine). I mistakenly thought that with Ikea furniture, absolutely every nail or pin or screw or wooden tack would already have a pre-fabricated hole to go into, so I was very confused when I got to the last step where it seemed to be instructing me to screw 2 metal rods (joined in the middle to make an "x" shape) to the underside of the wooden sides. I turned the bed over, but there were no pre-fabricated holes to screw into! What? I thought. This bed is obviously defective! I looked again at the instruction booklet, then back at the bed, then back at the booklet, then back at the bed. This went on and on until I finally decided that I would just have to make my own holes. I was also quickly in my mind trying to calculate Blake's weight (unknown, must take him to the clinic to be weighed at some stage...maybe 30 pounds?), the distance to the floor (8 inches?) and what would happen if for some reason the bed collapsed because of my inexpert craftsmanship. In the end I just made my own holes and the bed held my weight (also unknown, but probably carrying an extra 30 pounds!). Once it was made, I did slightly regret getting the absolute cheapest bed, but I slapped a car-covered duvet on it and it looked pretty sweet.

Anyway, Blake was actually very excited about the bed, and went to sleep pretty easily. I had done a bit of reading about all the things that could go wrong (falling out, getting out, etc), so I was on tenterhooks about what lay ahead. He did call for Matt at about 2:00 am to turn off his nightlight, but then slept til 6:00 or 6:30. On Wednesday he didn't call out in the night and also slept past 6. We keep his door shut and right now he can't reach the handle, but yesterday morning I heard his feet patter to the door before he starting calling out for Daddy. Today, he slept until nearly 7 - I'm now wondering if there's some sort of drowsiness-inducing product sprayed on to the bed or something, or else it's just that Blake likes his bed very much (or, oh yes, it could be that he's hardly getting to sleep until 9:00 pm most night...)

We'll see if it lasts, but if all transitions were this easy, well, we'd be pretty lucky! For now we have left the cot in Blake's room, kind of thinking that we could give him the choice of where he'd like to sleep before we move the cot into Noah's room (thanks, Anna, for the idea - you're already ready for 2 years out!), but it may not be too long before we can just move it since Blake doesn't really seem to have looked back. Noah, meanwhile, is in the travel cot because he was simply busting out of his Moses Basket, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks or so we can get everyone where they belong.

Tonight I did stories with Blake and after giving him a kiss he said to me, "Goodnight, Mommy," and rolled over and seemed to instantly doze off. He's had a big week; he moved up to the pre-school room at his nursery and has been getting used to life outside the toddler room where he started back in January. He really loves his best friend at the nursery, a little girl named Mia, and she moved up to the pre-school as well, so he's been pretty chuffed about being upstairs with her. This morning when I dropped him off, he seemed a little reluctant, but as soon as he saw Mia playing at the sand tray, he just ran off without saying goodbye to me. We've also moved on from his morning and daytime bottles and he now either doesn't have the morning milk or will at least drink it from a cup, and I guess at some stage we'll have to move on to an evening cup instead of bottle. For now I'm not too worried about doing that too quickly..he's doing well so far but does still want his "hot bottle" after his bath - I actually sometimes just wonder how much of the request for the heated milk is actually just so he can say "hot bottle" in a particularly British accent!

Anyway, after turning out his light tonight, I looked at the dark heap that was Blake under his covers of his big boy bed, and over at the cot which is currently housing some toys, and felt a real wave of sadness wash over me at him taking yet another step toward independence. Matt often talks hopefully about a day when Blake will be able to go downstairs in the morning and get his own Cheerios, whereas tonight I was remembering the days of him being a little baby on the other side of the cot rails waiting to be taken out for a new day of adventures. In the beginning, unlike the flat-pack furniture, they arrive with no instruction booklet - but like the flat-pack furniture they seem to take a lot of time and effort - and then all of a sudden they're running around, expressing their wishes and dislikes, and not needing you as much. I guess for now I'll have to enjoy moving Noah's arm from out from under him...

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