Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blake gets his hair cut!

Blake was born with a fair amount of hair, but once he lost that original hair he has never had a great deal. He has a few really beautiful little curls that come out when it's humid, but the top had gotten a bit straggly and I never really know which way to comb it. I know that I should have been brave enough to figure out how to trim it myself, but I just wasn't up to it right now, so we took him to the local salon yesterday morning for his first "cut" - but it was really just to even things up. He didn't want to sit on the chair on his own so he sat on Matt's lap, and fortunately I'd brought the sticker book to kind of distract him. Midway through I freaked out that I had forgotten my envelope to save the hair in, and both the woman and Matt kind of explained that there was hardly anything really to save, such was the minimal nature of her cut. I did manage to save a few little pieces of hair! The pictures kind of speak for themselves...I don't think he enjoyed it very much but was happy when it was finished!

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