Thursday, June 03, 2010

Summer days

We had a visit today from Tanya and Hugo, Blake's first-ever friend. We met Tanya (and Hugo's Dad, Phil) in our NCT antenatal class, and although these classes can often provide new parents with a great set of friends - from the start - who are in the same boat, Tanya is the only one of the 10 or so other mothers that I'm still in touch with. It was so fun to see Blake and Hugo playing with cars, Legos, sand; not so fun to see them getting tired and cranky at about the same time! These two have always been kindred spirits in terms of things like their sleep patterns, and it was really refreshing to be around someone who kind of "knows" my parenting style and a lot of what has happened in the 2+ years of Blake's life. I do miss the old gang so much. Thanks, Tanya, for the visit - you are welcome anytime!

Here are some pics from yesterday and today in our little garden, where some grass is starting to grow. I bought some Mini Milk ice creams as a treat and you can see that Blake still has not mastered the art of eating the ice cream before it melts!
June fun

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