Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Our trip to Abu Dhabi (via Wimbledon, cinematically)

On Friday Blake had a 2-year check here at the house by a health visitor. She observed him playing and we talked about things like sleep, potty training, dental care and various other aspects of a child's development that concern the health workers when they look at a 2-year-old. Unfortunately for the past 3 weeks he has developed a pretty bad stutter/stammer at the beginning of his sentences ("May-may-may-may-may-maybe Noah's tummy hurts", or "What what what what what what what's that man - or dog, or cat, or Noah - doing?"). I have read a lot online about this and it seems that many children do go through a phase of "bumpy speech" - as the lady suggested I call it - and that hopefully it will just pass. All the same I'm going to go to a speech clinic on Friday to see what they think. It is kind of painful to listen to and I feel for Blake if he is struggling to get his thoughts together and out when up til now his language has been great.
One of the things that the health visitor suggested for a number of things was a reward chart, so that if Blake does certain things like attempting to use his potty he can get a star and then a little something when he accumulates enough. I like the idea so need to get out some paper and make one, and get some little stars!

Noah is certainly too young for a star chart, so to reward him for his good behavior over the weekend, I told him I would take him to the movies. The only real age-appropriate thing on was fortunately something that he wanted to see, that's right, Sex and the City 2. Now you may remember (or a quick check on the blog archive will remind you) that my first night out after having Blake two years ago was to see the first SatC film. Back then, I was so excited and tried to kind of get a little bit dressed up (for me at least) since I would be out on the town for the first time post-baby. This time was different, and I actually thought to myself that it felt slightly like sacrilege to go to this movie wearing what I was wearing: some hideous breastfeeding top, jeans, and the worst thing of all: tennis shoes! To the movie with the heroine who probably doesn't even own any flats, let alone shoes with white laces! I was truly disappointed in myself, but this realization only occurred as I was entering the cinema amongst several Wimbledon yummy mummies. I'll probably never put on a pair of Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks (unless Cindy and I ever live in the same city again and I ask to slip on a pair of hers), but to wear New Balance to this movie...?! I could at least have worn my Clark's ballet flats! I must try harder, really.

The reviews for the film have been bad, and justifiably so. It was, I have to say, just really boring. It was so boring that Noah slept through most of it! Of course it was great to see Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda all back together, but the magic of the series just doesn't seem to translate to the big screen; the first movie though was at least really entertaining and had elements of what made the series great; this one just felt so forced and with very little plot that I can recall. Here are a few of my observations (sometimes writing calls for bullet points, and this is one of those times I think; warning, may contain spoilers, although there isn't much to spoil, really!):
  • Fashion: of course, I am not into fashion, so the one thing that struck me most about the outfits was that in the scene at the science fair, Miranda's son Brady was wearing a short-sleeve version of a Polo shirt that Granny Karla got Blake (the blue and red striped one). That this is my observation under the Fashion heading gives you an idea of just how not into clothing I am!

  • The karaoke scene: that the girls sang "I am Woman" was interesting to me, in that I hadn't heard this song - I don't think - until it was featured in the BBC Women series I wrote about a few months ago.
  • The day out in the desert made me really want to a) go to Morocco, where the scenes were filmed and b) ride a camel.

  • Names: When we were trying to decide a name for "Brother" Lyons, we forgot to consult the US list of top 100 names, only learning after we'd named him that Noah is #2 for boys in the US (as opposed to something like 45 here in the UK). I was surprised to learn at the time that Aidan is #1 in the US, as it's much less common here and we only know one Aidan - Anna's nephew - but one theory behind its popularity was due to Carrie's one-time love interest Aidan, who does make an appearance in SatC2. In this film, he reveals he has three boys, named Homer, Wyatt, and Tate, and I wondered to myself whether these names are likely to rise up the charts in the coming year or so as people look to name their sons.

  • I thought the best scenes were the ones revolving around Miranda's quest to find a better balance in being a career woman and a mother, and Charlotte's attempts to keep her sanity with her two daughters. In the hotel at the wedding of Stanford and Anthony, Carrie and Big are being kept awake by Samantha having wild sex and Charlotte's daughter howling. Big ponders that he doesn't know which is worse; Carrie's reply: "Samantha - the baby will tire eventually."

Although it wasn't amazing, it did do what I ask of most movies I watch, which is to offer some escapism. For that, and for reminding me that somewhere women are able to think of drinks as cocktails for themselves as opposed to milk varieties for children, I'll give it three out of 5 stars. Speaking of, I have a chart to make...

Can I get some popcorn?

Wondering what on earth Carrie was wearing on her head in various scenes...

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