Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Engerland v You-Ess-Ay

On Saturday the two nations that I quote unquote belong to play in the opening round of the football World Cup. Football, as in, soccer.
We will be enjoying the game from the side of the Atlantic that is probably less interested in the tournament, so it feels somewhat strange to be flying out tomorrow as many of the rest of the citizens of the UK enjoy the build-up to Saturday. A few of the cars of our street, for instance, have England flags, and all the commercials on tv are about Rooney, Terry, and co. In terms of loyalties, who will I be rooting for? In all honesty, probably England, since I think I know that this game means a lot more to the country than to my fair homeland. But apparently I am not the only one facing this conundrum:
I do love the Guardian.
But if the US should win, I would be happy, because they do have a good team and probably deserve more credit than they're given.

As for the blog title, here is an explanation - for American readers - for the extra "er" I put in:
Engerland (i.e. England) used by the footie fans mostly. The advantage of 'Engerland' as opposed to 'England' is the extra syllable 'ger' allowing the chanting of the team's name being easier and more melodic.
Eeengerland, Eeengerland!
go, Eeengerland!

The question is, who will Blake and Noah support? It should be interesting...

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