Saturday, June 05, 2010

Camera panning

There is a technique that I once learned in a photography course where you try to depict motion - where your subject is captured clearly but the background is blurred, reflecting speed and movement. We were headed to the fair today (I knew there'd be more of these fairs this summer and tonight we'll actually go to bed without any guilt over lack of rides!) so I read up on how to do "panning". Essentially you need a slow shutter speed so that the motion is blurred, but then you train the camera on the subject and follow their action by moving the camera before releasing the shutter. Or something like that. I only got a few half-decent ones but here they are: the first is the bottom of a big "steam yacht" - a pretty scary-looking ride - which is emblazoned with the Union Jack; the second is the best I could do of Matt and Blake on the merry-go-round; and the third is Blake on the swings of the playground where the fair was set up.
When I told Matt what I was trying to do, he said, "Isn't that really hard?", and it kind of is, so I am pleased with my attempts. They are pretty close to what I was trying to achieve.

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