Saturday, May 29, 2010

Worshipping at the temple of Phil and Ted

I made what felt like a big decision two weeks ago to buy a double buggy, big in that the one I picked came with a pretty big pricetag. Matt had received a belated cash gift for Noah from work so we put it toward the buggy, and it has definitely paid off already. I had been doing way too much driving to and from the park, and it has been great for me to use my legs instead of our wheels.

The one I picked is a brand called phil&ted's and is designed to transform itself in various ways to accommodate the baby and the toddler, and eventually the two toddlers. Here is Blake last weekend in it(Noah is lying flat behind him), although he doesn't look too pleased in this shot.

He actually seems to like it pretty well since I tell him that he gets to drive Noah around - I read in a review about someone else telling their older child that he was getting to "drive", and it does seem to work, for now at least.

After taking the buggy out this morning and again this afternoon, I was feeling very happy with my choice. It's easy to push and steer, and I appreciated its slimness when we popped into Tesco to get some Cheerios after we'd been to the park in the late afternoon. In fact the only criticism I might have about this buggy is that it gave me a false sense of potential accomplishment: I was feeling so positive about how I'd handled the day that while waiting to check out, I decided to buy the paper...and frankly that was just slightly on the ambitious side! But it did fit nicely in the basket underneath, and given that I have only the vaguest sense of what's happening in terms of current affairs, whether I read it today or in a week's time kind of makes no difference.

phil&ted's brand slogan is "Adapt and Survive", and I'd like to thank them for allowing me to do just that.

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