Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is more like what I expected

One of the things that has been on my To-Do list for at least a year - if not longer - is to finish Blake's baby book. I just never seem to find the time to concentrate on it, because it in some fashion involves consulting this blog to try to identify dates of certain milestones such as crawling, eating solids, sleeping through the night (ha, ha, that's a good one!).

Yesterday I took a break from political tv news updates to get to work on it, and it was interesting to read things I wrote 2 years ago about the hardships of being a mother. I thought to myself, "Oh wow, yes, at some stage I'm going to have to go through these challenges with Noah!" Lest I get lulled into thinking that being a 2nd-time mom is a "doddle", yesterday evening and this morning have shaken that thought right out of me!

I let Matt meet up with Matt Lowe and Chris last night for beers, so I had to do bedtime on my own, which was kind of fine apart from Noah absolutely screaming his head off while I read Cat in the Hat to Blake, who just kind of kept looking at his little brother with utter exasperation but resignation. Fortunately I think Blake was tired and ready for sleep, or else he might have protested more vehemently that he couldn't hear over Noah's cries (as he often does when something interesting is on tv). Re-reading the line about "letting Matt go out" - not to say I could deny him a social life, but certain things are definitely still easier with two of us around, and Blake's bedtime is one of those. At any rate, we managed, and it made me appreciate how generally tolerant Blake has been about the new arrival.

Monday night I had been rewarded (for something, not sure what) by going to bed at about 11:00 and only being woken at 3:00 am and then again at 6:00. Easy peasy! Well, again, just to remind me that just when you think it's easy, it isn't, last night I was up for feeds at 1:00, 3:00 and then 5:00. The 5:00 one is hard because it's clearly light out and I try to keep crying to a minimum for fear Blake will wake up - as he did today at 5:20. I got a few more winks but at about 6:50 Matt headed off to work and so it was me and a cranky Blake and a poopy Noah until the nursery run at 8:30. No shower today...

I took Noah to the baby clinic, where he weighed in at 10 lbs, 2 oz, weight gain being the continual prize for the breastfeeding mother who is wondering what's in it for her. From there we headed to Superdrug, where I took advantage of a 3 for 2 offer on skincare products before Noah had an absolute meltdown (my 3 products: some sort of regenerative "anti-tired" night cream, Bio Oil to tackle the stretch marks, and some face cleansing wipes - genius, why hadn't I thought of getting these earlier?!). And so, as I stood in line to pay, rocking Noah who was still howling, and getting looks from people who were also waiting (the looks, if I read them correctly, ranged from "God, I'm glad I'm not you" to "Can you not do anything to make him be quiet?" and "Are you sure you don't need to buy some hair dye, love?"), I thought to myself that for the most part, the second baby is easier, but there are times when he isn't! Once we were on the move, he dozed off, and is currently having a snooze on the pillow on my lap. Now, where is Blake's baby book again...?

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