Monday, May 31, 2010

Star award of the weekend

Fortunately for us, Noah is continuing to be an "easy" baby, and his good nature was on display pretty much throughout the whole of the weekend, so he wins my Star award of the 3 days. Matt came home around 5:00 - aaahh, I think I know what the starting pitcher in a baseball game must feel when the relief pitcher comes on. It was hard at times but we did it, and generally I think we all did great. Matt made it to the top of Mt Snowdon, and Blake, Noah and I all stayed fed, watered, dry, and breathing - my success criteria. I also managed two showers and baked a birthday cake for Matt, so I felt very pleased with it all.

Alas, just when you think you have everything under control, you can't find the specific USB cable that you need to connect your phone to the computer to download the pictures snapped over the weekend. I'll keep looking and try to get those posted.

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