Sunday, May 02, 2010

Observations on brothers

It has been inevitable over the past 3 weeks to make comparisons between Blake and Noah, in terms of their behavior, looks and general fitting into our lives! Here are a few observations:

- we definitely do not remember Blake sleeping as much as Noah has. Noah had an absolutely horrible night last night - and hence, I had a horrible night - but it was the first one that really didn't go "well", or the way in which "well" is defined for a breastfeeding mother in the first few months. I am hoping this general tendency to like sleep will continue.

- spitting up: Noah spits up, a lot. We don't think Blake ever did, but as one book says, spitting up is a "laundry problem, not a medical one".

- noses: Noah may have my nose, which turns up more than Blake's and is also wonky in that the two sides aren't the same.

And, I'm afraid, that's all I have the energy to remember at the moment! Here is a shot of that turned-up nose...

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