Friday, May 14, 2010

A few footnotes to Thursday post

I was thinking about the post describing Thursday's day, and I realized that the idea of envying the kids with stay-at-home mothers growing up could imply that I thought their mothers did a better job raising their children, which is of course not the case. My mother (and father) did a great job with me, and in actual fact I'm not actually sure I did envy those kids, but my editor is on vacation and I didn't really sensitivity-proof the text all that well. Hopefully my mother knows what an amazing job she did with me, as, by the way, did Matt's mother, who also worked outside the home.

After a decent night's sleep (only one wake-up by Noah before 5:00 am and Blake sleeping til 6:15 - good boys!), I have a newfound resolve to, in the week ahead, ditch some things - first off, I'm going to ditch the guilt! What good does it do to feel guilty?! I'm also going to ditch the computer in the daytime and get outside and enjoy the sunshine and try to meet some new people in the neighborhood. And in getting out, I hope I may be able to ditch some baby weight!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend wherever you are.

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