Sunday, May 02, 2010

Birthday bonanza!

This weekend marks the birthdays of various close friends and relatives - all milestone ones!

In ascending age order...
1 - Saturday was Scarlet's first birthday - it is so hard to believe that it is one year ago that we got the news of her birth, and Raina's wonderful birth story. I have also just realized that Scarlet's birthday was her "Golden" birthday, where you turn your age on your date, e.g. she is one on the 1st. Thanks to Amy Feldmann for sharing the notion of the golden birthday some years ago; incidentally I met Matt the weekend of my golden birthday, so I agree that it is a special concept.

35 - Today is Chris's bday - we celebrated at the Westbury in Kilburn and it was great to see CP, Anna and Joseph who has grown loads since we met him a few weeks ago. Halfway to 70 and Chris still looks as youthful as a one-year-old, with a grown man's beard.

70 - And finally, yesterday was also Bishy's 70th birthday, so we headed down to Southampton where Uncle David hosted a family party. All the cousins enjoyed being together again and although the weather wasn't great, we did manage to spend some time in the garden. Happy birthday, Bishy!

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