Sunday, April 25, 2010


You have probably seen the slogan WWJD? but currently in my household I am feeling like a supergoddess mother (sure it won't last!) after asking myself the question WWLD? If you're asking yourself who "L" is, I'm referring to our baby whisperer Lin Elderkin and harkening back to the time when we had to take steps to save my sanity related to Blake's sleeping patterns.

So why am I feeling so good, you may ask? Well, for the second day in a row - and the first time in the 4 months that we have been here in this house - Blake is having a daytime nap in his cot. Not in the car, and not in his stroller, but in his cot. In his sleep sack. With the curtains drawn. I feel powerful! The early morning wakings still continue, which mean that by about mid-morning he is so strung out and tired that he becomes impossible. Enter Lin's advice (good thing the pregnancy forgetfulness has cleared out) from over a year ago and presto, sleeping 2-year-old! In the last minute or so of my getting Blake into the cot, Noah - in his Moses basket - woke up, so it's not like it's all R&R here for me, but this is real progress!

In the meantime, I wonder if there is a word for that moment in time, when as a mother you're just about to finish up the chores you're doing and have just started to contemplate what you would do with a few minutes of time to yourself while the baby(ies) sleep, and they choose that very moment to wake up. There must be a word. Metimethwarted? Soclosetopeacebutnocigar? I welcome your suggestions!

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