Monday, April 26, 2010

What NOT to expect the first year

Parents may be familiar with the "manual" for babies called What to Expect the first year. It's essential reading for when you want to verify why the baby has spots on his nose, or confirm whether the color of that last bowel movement really is normal, and other such things. We have pulled out our copy with Noah but it certain hasn't had as much page-turning as it did with Blake. The second time around does kind of feel a bit like riding a bike in terms of remembering how to do it. As for riding a bike, I'm still not ready to do that!

Anyway, dear readers, what you should probably not expect from me is many posts, as in this newfound world of Matt being back to work, and Noah now being a bit more of a wakeful babe, I just won't have much time I think! I'll try of course, but don't hold your breath. (and oh, What to Expect tells us that, by the way, some babies do hold their's normal and they'll stop doing it).

A pic from today...

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