Sunday, April 25, 2010


I hope she won't mind me sharing, but Granny Bishy penned a beautiful poem about Noah's birth and the current affairs that followed his arrival. Like Noah was, the poem is currently untitled but I love it - it sums up so well the two weeks we've had. Granny Karla did manage to get home on Friday and we miss her although we are glad that her flight got to go and she was on it, for her sake!

Long awaited little brother
Thought he'd try to be no bother
So arrived one April morning
Whilst (caught in queue) his dad was parking.

All done and dusted in one morn
Homeward soon LB was borne
Older brother whooped with glee
As did grannies K and B.

Emails flew around the world
About the sleeping baby curled
So calmly in his little cot
Unnamed - but caring not a jot.

Meanwhile beneath the earth in Iceland
Something fiery was stirring
Soon to make the same swift exit
And leave the tourists all in transit.

So gradually LB awoke
And through a kind of 'blaa-aah' he spoke.
He queried then what was his name
(Whilst friends and relatives did the same.)

So 'Noah Thomas' was proclaimed
And suddenly up north there rained
A sort of fine but gritty dust
Shot from deep within earth's crust

It seemed a harmless kind of cloud
But more than EU laws allowed
So not a vapour trail was seen
In azure skies, silent, serene.

Though K was anxious to be gone
And talk over events with John
She made the most of her forced stay
And just resumed her holiday.

And travellers though truly stranded
Explored more fully where they'd landed
Accepting now that sometimes fate
Will force us patiently to wait.

And as towards the skies we looked
(Wondering about plane seats booked)
We heard the sound of birds and bees
And saw buds opening on trees.

And so it was that Noah's birth
Coincided with the earth
Sending us a sort of sign
To enjoy the world and take our time.

He tried to come with little fuss.
Events then forced a change in us.
We shall remember NT's birth
As a blest time of peace on earth.

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