Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Self awareness, and audio deficiency

Today will not go down as a highlight in the days of my pre-BLT maternity leave. Several reasons....for the past couple of months, I have been primarily trying to lie on my left side in bed, and unfortunately coincidentally my right ear has become completely blocked with wax. This has come in handy at times, such as early morning when I am still on my left side, and unable to hear out of my right ear, thus leaving Matt to respond to the "Daddy" calls from Blake's room. Usually, hearing is restored within an hour or so of waking, but for some reason today that just didn't happen and I spent the whole day unable to hear out of my right ear. I can conclusively say that this is an EXTREMELY annoying state to be in, and I felt like a senior citizen with very bad balance all day and was thus in a very bad mood. I am seeing a nurse on Thursday to get it irrigated so really hope that a) I make it til the appointment at 3:00 pm on Thursday, and that b) it works and I can hear again.
Speaking of irrigation and other landscaping issues, the saga of our yard clearance continues and I am led (unusually for me, I'll admit) to evoke famous poetry in the form of Robert Frost's "Mending Wall," best known for its line: "Good fences make good neighbors." A week ago a guy started clearing out all the trees and junk out of our little garden, filled the scummy pond, and put up fences, but today there was some debate about how straight the fence should be. I fully acknowledge that I have high standards, so I was a bit torn about knowing what to do when that high standard - or even a basic straight line - was not met. Evidently our neighbors to the left also have exacting standards so we've been in touch with them about ensuring they're happy with the end result of the fence (as of yesterday, they were not).
At any rate, in previous management-type training courses I've been on, one of the things I acknowledge about myself that I aim for is Conflict Avoidance and the Restoration of Harmony, and in terms of working with builders, this is not ideal. Having to go outside to ask a nice guy who's just spent an hour putting up a fence - unevenly - why it isn't even stresses me out. So between my blocked ear and having to try to reason with about 5 differing levels of a brand-new fence, I just did not have a very fun day.
Although tomorrow I will wake up on the left side of the bed, and likely on my left side, I do hope that perhaps some balance, at least in my inner ear and disposition, can be restored.

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