Sunday, April 18, 2010

One man and the stumps that wouldn't beat him

Noah's cord stump fell off on Friday, which in itself isn't a newsworthy event. It was, however, a very welcome and undramatic removal in comparison to what Blake's did, which was hang on and on forever and stink so badly that Matt felt too nauseated to be near him when it was exposed. I felt very excited for Matt that he wouldn't have to go through that again.

Speaking of stumps, Matt finally achieved victory over a tree stump that didn't get removed entirely while the "official" garden clearance man was here. The idea is to put a shed in the corner of the garden which gets little to no light, but unfortunately a pretty large stump didn't get completely uprooted which would have made achieving a flat surface difficult. Matt had been out trying to dig it out since Tuesday; I personally think he liked making several trips to different hardware shops to purchase the right tools. It started off as a hopeful 2-hour project, and as each day went on and Matt spent "just another 2 hours" on it - hoping that it needed just another hour or two - he became more determined to get rid of it on his own as opposed to having to call in outside help. On Saturday Blake and I went out to check on him and the outcome still didn't look certain. He was using a digging bar and some sort of small hand saw, and although he had made progress, it still seemed as if the roots were very deep. I was pleased that Blake and I were out there when all of a sudden, Matt gave it a kick and said he thought he got it. Blake and I clapped and cheered: the massive stump was out of the ground!

Right now I have to do a lot of my blogging in my head before I actually find time to sit down and type things up, but I was pleased to find the connection between these two events, and to be able to report that Matt wouldn't let any stumps get the better of him. Fittingly, in the game of cricket, the term for the end of the day's play is "stumps." As we watched a bit of the Indian Premier League of cricket yesterday and I tried to teach Blake the hand movements associated with the scoring (4's and 6's) and wickets, I reflected on how it had been a pretty big weekend in the stumps department. I think it's fair to say that Team Lyons was victorious!

Some men get photos of them holding prize catches after fishing...not my husband!

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