Monday, April 19, 2010

My relegation battle

Yesterday I tried to be a bit better about the need to wake up and attempt to get ready, as I will have to do when Matt goes back to work on Monday. It reminded me a bit of the current situation in the UK soccer Premier League, where one team out of 20 will be crowned champion, and three teams will be relegated to the lower division (to be replaced by 3 teams from the next division down who will be promoted to the Premier League). The battle for the top, and the battle to "avoid the drop" are tight at the moment, and I thought about all the activities in my morning toilette and what will likely stay and what will have to go. Here's the rundown:

  • Teeth-brushing: I do have standards, so brushing my teeth will be something I should always manage to do
  • Getting dressed: No promises about how "put together" I'll look, but some clothes are obviously a basic requirement
  • Application of stretch mark cream: I did not fare very well in the stretch mark department with Noah, so I hope to keep this 30-second activity in the morning and evening

Safety not certain

  • Shower: I have always been someone who needed to take a shower in the morning as opposed to bathing in the evening, to help get me going. Even it's a quick one, I hope to get to keep the shower.
  • Makeup: Not that I wear much makeup as it is, but I am going to aim to at least put on eyeliner, as it should help draw focus away from the dark circles under my eyes. Foundation is also currently in because my skin has gone CRAZY like a teenager's and I desperately need the cover-up.
Already relegated
  • Drying my hair: an activity that will just have be reserved for "special occasions"
Maybe this mix will allow me time to make a quick cup of that powerful energy drink known as coffee. That alone may have to be my "Breakfast of Champions."

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