Friday, April 23, 2010

Laundry super-efficiency

Readers may be familiar with my continual struggles with the laundry basket, but in fact I have a new laundry-related problem. We have now reached a stage where Blake chooses what he wants to wear, so I moved some of the contents of his drawers around so that he can get to the drawers with pants/trousers, shirts, and socks in them. The problem is that I am so on top of the laundry these days that pretty much every other day the clothes get cycled back in, and while in itself this isn't a problem, Blake's dress sense creates one. He absolutely loves loves loves two items in his wardrobe: the orange t-shirt with vehicles on the front, and a pair of brown fleece trousers. He loves them so much that he chooses them every time he sees them, and I'm sure that nursery wonder if we own any other clothes! I counted the numbers of cords, jeans and khakis that he has, and the answer is 16 pairs in his current size - and as mentioned, he wears pretty much two or three pairs of bottoms in a given week. Matt got so fed up yesterday of not being able to get in the drawer that he put about half the things away. With the recent good weather, I think it's probably time to abandon the fleece to the storage closet. I just have to remember to not let them make their way back to the drawer. And so if clothes make the man, a mother's efficiency with the laundry makes the boy's clothing choice possible. Let's see what he'll pick next as his favorites!

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