Monday, April 19, 2010

Forces of nature

The volume of the noises emitted from an infant's bottom are truly amazing. A few days ago Noah brought the room to a standstill after expressing some digestive freedom. Bringing Blake to a standstill is no mean feat, but it was quite funny to see Blake's reaction and to then see him and Matt share a laugh over the "poo" noises. I thought to myself, "Ah, life with boys...what fun I have ahead..."

The major eruption that we are concerned with, however, is the one that has brought the UK air traffic to a halt since Thursday. Granny Karla was due to return home to North Carolina today, but the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland and the resulting volcanic ash and the potential damage to aircraft has meant that she - along with everyone else trying to leave or enter the UK and other European countries by air - is grounded until at least Friday. Every morning we check to see what the updates are but the news never seems to change. Although she has loved being here she is now ready to get home to see Grandpa John, and I think we're aware that we need to try to start some sort of routine that doesn't involve her generous help of looking after Blake from 6:00 am until we manage to wake ourselves from slumber. I was up and showered by 7:30 today which I thought was impressive, but then we decided to keep Blake home from nursery because he has the sounds of a cold and a rash on his face, which is probably either sunburn, a bad reaction to sunscreen, or a bit of both.

We can feel relieved that she is safe, does not have any medical conditions that necessitate her getting home, and that she has a place to stay that is free of charge, but she still seems ready to go home so I feel for her. I also feel for all the people who are affected - others who can't get home to their families, people who missed travelling to weddings, funerals, etc (I watched with pity the story of a couple who were stranded in Dubai so used Skype to "be with" all their wedding guests in the UK. Although they were saying that it was an amazing day, I just know that they must be heartbroken that the day they had probably spent a lot of time and money planning happened without them actually physically being there...shame).

Let's hope the forces of nature ease up and we can all start to start our "normal" life. Though with a baby, the definition of "normal" certainly is loose. A bit like a certain little person's digestive system at the moment...

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