Sunday, April 18, 2010

The end of the babymoon?!

In her The Contented Little Baby Book, Gina Ford describes the first week or two of a newborn's life as the "babymoon" period. The implication is that you are supposed to relax and enjoy a time which you will never get to have back again, those first few days of your little one's life while the family adjusts to the new arrival. [nb: Gina Ford is very contentious in the mothering circles because she suggests a strict regime for the baby, and never having had children herself, parents who tend to be more "baby-led" liken her to a Nazi. We have her book because we seem to have every book, and I just happened to be looking up something about how often babies should sleep in the first few days because I was starting to get worried about Noah's extended periods of being conked out.]

Anyway, we have enjoyed a blissful babymoon in the past week, but I do fear that the babymoon is over! We had our first day of Blake being home from nursery on Thursday, which I can only describe as rather full-on (and led me to question how in the world I will ever cope on Thursdays when Matt goes back to work). Following the excitement of the cousins' visit on Friday, it has been a pretty exhausting weekend as we really don't have any sort of semblance of a structure to the days and Blake quickly turned on Saturday from the "Little Kicker" to the "Little Dissenter." Absolutely everything seemed to be met with "NO! MommyDaddy DON'T DO that!" Pointed finger and all...Time Out is not quite working and I have to keep reminding myself to be calm with him so as not to reiterate this bossy attitude of which he is so fond.

He also stopped saying he was "so glad" about his brother's presence to trying to shove the pacifier into his mouth, and he has a new act where he applies part of his body to a part of Noah (e.g. Blake's head to Noah's hand) and then jerks back in pretend pain - as if Noah's ultrasoft finger somehow hurt a strand of Blake's hair. My heart does go out to Blake as I know he's only reacting in exactly the way a 25-month-old should react, but it is sure is tiring to be constantly battling to get him to cooperate. Being back at nursery tomorrow will be good for him.

We also had our "re-entry" into Clueless Parent Land, when for the first time ever in his short life Noah was crying inconsolably, from about 8:00-10:00 pm last night. I remember reading about this time as being called the "Unhappy Hour" as many infants just need to do a reboot of their systems which manifests itself as crying which is difficult to placate. I frantically logged on to Google colic, newborn tummy pain, newborn frequency of feeds, and other such things as we tried to figure out whether it was trapped wind, too much sugary foremilk, or just what we concluded it was in the end, which was general "I'm a baby and only a week old and I just need to cry for a bit." The reassuring thing is that we do remember Blake having these nights, although I think after the blissful long sleeps and general good disposition that Noah has shown so far, it was just a shock to us!

I concluded that the babymoon might just be over, but fortunately we had a decent night apart from another 5:30 am wake-up from Blake. I really don't know what the solution to that one is, so if anyone has any tips on how to make a 2-year-old sleep past the pre-dawn hours, please do share it. I guess the good news is that if we use the honeymoon to babymoon analogy, the happy times certainly didn't end for Matt and me when we got back after our wedding - they only really started, you could say, and no doubt this will be the same.

Here is Noah looking peacefully gorgeous while relaxing in Granny Karla's arms:

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