Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter fun

We had a nice Easter weekend, despite not doing very much. Matt had a 4-day weekend which is a treat in the UK's public holiday calendar. Although, not having anything from New Year's til Easter, and nothing between the end of August and Christmas, is tough!
Anyway, the weather wasn't very nice so we didn't do much outdoors, although we did have some fun opening lots of Easter chocolate and doing some egg decorating. Blake was very good at identifying all the colors of eggs we dyed and proceeded to stain his right hand green when he dunked it into the cup of green dye while I was intent on getting some photos. Fortunately it came off in the bath! Granny Karla loved dressing Blake in a shirt she bought which reminded her of Grandpa John - and Blake identified it as such! He does look pretty handsome if you ask me!

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