Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back when he was BLT

I didn't post these at the time because to me it seemed like I would be giving the game away (as when I saw them I honestly felt like I was meeting the baby the images were so clear), but here are some amazing scan photos from when Noah was 36 weeks. I had to have an additional scan at King's and I didn't realize it but it was a 4D scan and the sonographer gave me all these extra shots. The one on its own shows a pretty acrobatic pose where you can see his foot right beside his head!


The Melbourne Virgin said...

Oh WOW Meg! I cannot imagine what it must have felt like to see such a late scan. There is a person inside you!! (well you know what I mean) I was just thinking about asking about those pics too, so it was good timing on the blog. Sounds like Matt's paternity leave has been ideal. So happy for you all and Bon Voyage Karla! xRaina

Hollogram said...

Raina - since when did you become a virgin? Was scarlet immaculately conceived?