Thursday, April 22, 2010

And Blake gets a chance too

Today was yet another glorious sunny day in London. We have been so spoiled by the weather over the past 2 weeks that it is going to be a shock when it rains again! We spent a family day out, with Blake wanting to wet Noah's head as well; he got his chance with a big glass of orange juice at the local Harvester restaurant. Matt thought this would be a good "family lunch" so we treated ourselves to the all-you-can-eat salad bar. Noah slept through lunch but then had a big feed and looked like a little drunk afterwards.

We then went for a really nice walk in Dulwich Wood (even I, with my reputation for not liking walking, enjoyed it). Blake decided midway that he just didn't want to wear his trousers (do this exhibitionist tendencies possibly get transmitted in DNA? I really have started to wonder...)

Granny Karla returned back from Granny Bishy's in the afternoon, and Matt fulfilled his fatherly duties by filling a sandbox which he constructed yesterday. Blake is going to have fun in that this summer. We enjoyed seeing planes going overhead - to me it seemed appropriate to have them stand out so much in the cloudless blue sky, and they seem triumphantly a little bit louder, but maybe that's just because we hadn't heard them for about a week!

After a week of constantly monitoring the news about the situation in the skies, we do think Granny K will fly home tomorrow morning. She will be glad to get home, no doubt. We have enjoyed having her but now the return to normal is soon upon us with Matt's return to work on Monday. I am definitely nervous about how I'll cope in the mornings and evenings and on Thursdays, but like everything, I'm sure I'll manage and that we'll do fine. We couldn't have asked for a more lovely two weeks.

Pint of OJ please...

After overindulging on the finest "house white"...

Hey, where did my trousers go?

One day someone will thank me for insisting on a self-timer family photo...

The original "Sweet Boy"

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