Friday, March 19, 2010

That'll learn ya!

I find it interesting to think that a great deal of time and money probbaly goes into studies that analyze the effects of sleep deprivation on mice, when just as easily researchers could look at parents whose children defy the clock and turn their parents into virtual zombies. Breaking dishes accidentally, spilling cups of coffee and then blurting out words which are not supposed to be said out loud when children are in earshot, and this morning's example which takes the cake: it is clear that sleep is critical to function well.

While this is yet another post about sleep, I hope you'll bear with me, and that you may have a chuckle, as I have all morning. Blake woke up at 4:14 and although I went in to him, I wasn't good enough so after "Daddy, Daddy" grew old, Matt came in as well. By 4:45 B was back asleep but it was only temporary - at 5:37 he was up again. As this is more his customary wake-up time, Matt brought him into our bed and headed downstairs to get his bottle [and yes, before you comment, yes, he still has bottles, and no, I don't think this is too much of a problem]. Mr Impatient whined for the 1minute and 42 seconds it took Matt to go down, heat the milk, and come back upstairs, but then went quiet as Matt handed him the blessed vessel of cow juice. Just as my eyelids were closing shut to enjoy another 2.5 minutes of shut-eye, I saw in slow-motion (well, everything IS in slow-motion at 5:42 in the morning!) the most horrible and hilarious sight, as the entire contents of the bottle rushed out into Blake's face. After a moment of my bolting upright, yelling at Matt, and Blake breaking into sobs of shock and dissatisfaction, I then had to laugh. Like really laugh. Poor Matt either didn't put the teat on or didn't screw it on, one of the two, but was so pitiful in his explanation that "he just wasn't awake when he did it" that I couldn't do anything but laugh.

In one of my amateur singing courses - back in those times when I actually had a life that didn't revolve around tending to someone else's needs, we sang songs from the musical Carousel, and in the song titled "Give it to 'em Good, Carrie" there is a line about teaching the menfolk a lesson: "That'll learn 'em, darn 'em". It made me think this morning whether Blake might be a little more reluctant to wake up so early and ask for his bottle after the toddler's equivalent of getting a pint of beer thrown in his face!

As a result, I also reflected this morning about why it is so pointless to worry about things that haven't yet happened. When we moved, I was so anxious about how in the world I was going to be able to get up in time to get ready, and get Blake ready, before we needed to leave the house to get him to nursery and me to work on time. Well, clearly - this issue never materialized! So rather than having to set an alarm clock, I now don't even bother, and in fact in the 2 hours before we left this morning I was able to run and hang up a load of laundry, put another load in to be hung up this evening, do the dishes, and have a shower and get both of us dressed. It was like being a Stay at Home Mom on crack - what you can get accomplished in 2 hours! So the moral is, what good was it worrying about how we were going to handle the situation, when the situation never became an issue?!

And with that, I bid you a happy Friday, and a happy spring weekend. I will do another post shortly about the glorious nature of Spring. Just after I finish laughing off Bottlegate...


Karla said...

Dear Meg, I think that Blake should have a bottle as long as he needs or wants it. He will give it up when he is ready.Love, Mom

The Melbourne Virgin said...

I agree Karla. Whatever works is best. I would only worry if he is still asking for it at 15. I will remember not to egt Matt to make me any drinks when I come over in September!