Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oh Sh*t

My weekly tv consumption consists of two shoes - Glee and Desperate Housewives. Desperate has gone downhill in my opinion but I'll stick with it for now; fortunately Glee is so fantastic that its one hour a week would probably be enough to satisfy my tv needs.
The DH episode on Wednesday resonated quite strongly with me though this week. In the UK we are a few episodes behind the US, but the one that aired this week here was the one where Juanita Solis, Carlos and Gabi's portly elder daughter, gets in trouble at school for using an expletive during her school play. Gabi goes to defend her and eventually pulls her out of school because she feels Juanita is being unfairly punished. I hope it won't go nearly as far for us, but on Friday when I picked up Blake at nursery one of the girls told me that they had heard him say the "s" word. I groaned, because there is no denying where he got it from...that would be me! A few weeks ago I knocked over an entire cup of coffee in the kitchen and that was the first thing out of my mouth, and it was very loud. Although Blake wasn't even in the room, I'm sure he heard it, because since then I'd heard him say it a few times. In terms of that grammar development that I have such a keen interest in, this aspect is not one of the ones I would want to encourage!
When we got home on Friday night, the word was pretty hot on his brain - "Oh shit" he said about 20 times in the space of about 10 minutes while I was making dinner. At the time I was opting for a replacement word technique - "Oh sugar!" I kept suggesting every time he said it. I headed upstairs for the Toddler Taming and Pocket Parenting books to see what they suggested.
Yesterday when Matt's mum was here for B's family birthday, she said she thought he might enjoy the drama of it all, so today when he said it I just ignored it. I said to Matt that I might need to concoct a "fake situation" and provide an alternative and clean exclamation, to see if that would stick as a replacement to the "s" word. Otherwise we might have some problems getting some play dates! I think the funniest part of it all is that whenever I hear him say "Oh shit", that is definitely what I'm thinking in my head about the situation. Although now I know that I just have to keep that thought to myself. Whether you make the comparison that he's like a sponge or a mirror, Blake is definitely listening to Mommy...selectively of course, but I can't let my guard down!

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