Sunday, March 07, 2010

Like mother, like son?

On Thursday Blake and I ventured to John Lewis on Oxford Street in a quest to get some curtains for his room. The lighter mornings are wonderful for the soul but not so good for the light-sleeping Blake, so hopefully with some blackout linings we will have him thinking it's not time to get up until at least 8:00 am! We can hope...
We got the bus to Brixton and then the Victoria line to Oxford Circus - not too bad a journey with Blake having fallen asleep in his stroller. He then kindly stayed asleep while I toured around the store - I got through the curtain, bedding, bedroom storage and sports shoes departments before he woke up. It made a big difference that he was asleep for all this. When he woke up we had a nice lunch at the cafe on the 5th floor and then went off to get him some new shoes. His favorites were a white sequined pair of flats probably better suited for a 12-year-old girl, but we finally settled on some new navy Startrites.
At nursery two weeks ago they told me that Blake had sat on the "potty" there. As with the other nursery, he has struck up his closest friendships with two little girls - Mia and Frankie - and they are apparently good at using the potty already. So evidently he wanted to try it out too. I thought if this was something that was going on at nursery I should probably make sure we could reinforce it at home too, so after the shoes we went off in search of some children's potties. Once we found them, Blake explored the "try before you buy" theory to its near fullest, not content simply to sit on them to see whether they were comfortable or not, but actually going through the motions and pulling down his trousers/pants. It was then difficult for me because I definitely didn't want to DIScourage this - of course in a normal setting he will of course have to "drop trou", but obviously we were in the middle of a store, and the toilet wasn't yet ours. It was pretty hilarious really, so I just kept saying really loudly, "Ok, so let's go buy this one then" so that people knew that I was going to buy it. The funniest part happened when he took the potty over to the glass that overlooked the escalators (behind him in one of the photos below), sat down and then started waving at people who were going up and down the escalators. Too funny, and I thought to myself that if exhibitionist tendencies are passed along in DNA, we may be in trouble if he's inherited that from me! At any rate, we did manage to purchase the potty and it's home now with us. More to come I'm sure on the potty training front, but if the rest of it is anywhere near as much fun as the beginning, I'm sure we'll be fine.

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