Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life's a zoo

On Saturday Matt had some things to do around the house which would have been next-to-impossible if Blake had been underfoot, so B and I headed off off an excursion to Battersea Park Zoo. Nothing against its efforts - and believe me, I was definitely glad to have it as a destination, but the use of the term "zoo" is perhaps a bit of a stretch, as the central features (and what most of the kids seemed to be drawn to) were actually a fire engine which the little ones could climb into, and a playground. There were, to be fair, some zoo-like elements: a couple of squirrel monkeys, a collection of very cute otters and meerkats, and a little bit of urban farm in the form of a donkey and a pony. It's not the London Zoo, but it was still a good outing...

Apparently the fire brigade had visited Blake's nursery that week, so he is majorly spoiled in his interaction with rescue equipment.

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