Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Film review: I Love You, Phillip Morris

One of the most decadent activities I can think of is going to the cinema on a weekday, so in my current and anticipated state of feeling sapped and exhausted, that is what I did today instead of tackling the many things on my pre-baby To Do list. I also think it's pretty decadent to consume about 8,000 calories in one day on a diet of Kit Kats, potato chips, cheese and buttered crumpets, but I did that today as well.
At any rate, one of the downsides of our move - as I may have mentioned before - is not having the Lexi Cinema at the end of our street. It was really great to be able to just pop out after Blake had gone to bed and leave Matt to have an evening at home while I went 3 minutes away to the local theater. The last movie I saw was The Education, which I was glad to have done as it was my only link to having any clue about what people were talking about last month when the Oscar hype was happening.

Today I ventured to Brixton on the bus to go to the Ritzy Cinema, where I saw I Love You, Phillip Morris at the 12:20 showing. In an effort to save money, I smuggled in a homemade ham sandwich, perhaps marking the first time I can remember eating a sandwich at a movie theater. I digress...

Back in early February 2008, when I had finished work and was waiting for Blake, I remember watching Juno at the Screen at Baker Street. There was some element of relational movie-watching, what with Juno being the pregnant teen and me being pregnant. I related to her feeling big and having cravings. Although I Love You, Phillip Morris was entertaining, I can definitely say it was almost like science fiction in terms of how much I shared with these characters - Jim Carrey starring as the conman Steven Russell, and Ewan McGregor as his love interest whom he meets in a Texas prison.

Anytime I try to write a movie review, I realize how complicated a genre it is! I Love You, Phillip Morris made me feel a lot of things: sadness at Steven's quest to figure out how he could be happy, awe at the way in which he continually duped so many people, amusement at Ewan McGregor's sweet pitiful character Phillip and at some of the crazy things that Steven pulls off. But most importantly, for 2 hours in the middle of the day, it allowed me to escape. Which, interestingly, is just what Steven is trying to do in the final prison break scene. Whether he makes it or not is open-ended, but after the story, you almost have to believe that he just might.

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