Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crafts - can I cut it?!

On Friday when I picked Blake up at nursery they informed me that I needed to bring in an Easter hat for him for Monday. Erm....? I didn't really even know what that meant but fortunately have never been afraid to ask if I'm not sure of something. Apparently crafting Easter bonnets is big here, so the head teacher told me that I should be able to find a straw hat at a local pound shop (think dollar shop!) which I could then decorate.

On Sunday we headed off to the grocery store and then were blessed by a miracle of actually locating one of these straw hats at a nearby shop, so I bought some little chicks and set about figuring out how I was going to decorate this thing. In the end a bit of glue and some tissue paper sufficed for my creation, but I did wonder - not for the first time - when the need to actually be able to sew was going to surface in my life as a mother. I am pretty embarrassed to admit that I would be hard-pressed to sew a button, but no doubt this need is going to come up. Fortunately glue was good enough in this case, and Blake wouldn't even put the hat on so it hardly mattered. Maybe sewing will be what I do in the "spare" time once BLT is here....but somehow I doubt it. Regarding this post title - can I cut it in the crafts department? Let's just say for now, I can glue it!

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