Thursday, February 18, 2010

The weeks march on

Hard to believe another week has passed. I'm 33 weeks today and wow, does it seem like BLT's arrival is coming quickly! I went to the hospital yesterday for a check-in with the OB, and everything seems ok, although he was pretty sure that the baby was breech so I am going to have to get cracking on all the exercises and things one can do to get the baby to turn, namely getting my hips on to some cushions to try to get the baby's heavy head to float to get in the right position (reminds me slightly of a joke a favorite colleague used on me when he told me that in my condition I ought to just be putting my feet up, but then again that was what got me into my condition in the first place! Ha ha ha - for those who know the office it was Danny C who said that).

But after all my new-found enthusiasm about trying to go drug-free for the birth, I definitely need that baby to turn in order to have that be a possibility, so I left the hospital telling myself that there needed to be a lot less reclining on the couch in the evenings, even though that has been the temptation I can't resist. We blew up the birth ball in the evening but I had to wait until Blake was asleep before I could get any time on it, as he seemed to think it was a pretty cool new toy of his.

We celebrated Pancake Night on Tuesday, with Blake insisting on putting both jam and syrup on his pancakes - sugar overload! I used the Vermont maple syrup that had been provided in the goodie bag from John and Cindy's wedding in Hanover, and honestly, I think it was THE best maple syrup I had ever tasted! It was so delicious. It was also a fun reminder of that weekend - thanks, Cindy!

The most exciting thing about yesterday was that the sun was SHINING, and it was soooo nice to see it. It has been such a dreary winter and a whole day of sunshine gave life a new glow. We have a pretty uneventful day lined up but it will be nice when it's the weekend in just a few days.

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Marisa said...

Really, no drugs?? You are a bold woman and I salute you! Good luck with getting BLT to turn.