Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our friend Chris, rock, film and bus-driving star!

In the last several months I have developed a newfound respect for our friend Chris. The reason being is that I have worked out that he is not simply who he appears to be - Matt's uni friend from Sussex, Kilburn resident, husband to Anna, expectant Dad, Mr. Good Times. No, because according to Blake, he is actually all omnipresent within the literary, musical and cinematic scenes. Sometime last year one of the weekend papers had a cover story in its accompanying magazine about Lemmy, the singer and guitarist from the band Motorhead. I saw this cover and didn't actually know who the featured artist was, but Blake immediately identified him as "Chris". Ah, ok - so Chris is actually a rock star!
Several days later, we were reading the Julia Donaldson book The Snail and the Whale, and who did we stumble upon in one of the pictures? That's right, Chris, this time as the bearded driver of a fire engine that was headed to rescue the beached whale in the dramatic climax of the story.
And so, in the latest installment of my coming to terms with Chris not being who he says he is, I was in the kitchen this morning when Blake came in to report that he had had yet another sighting of Chris - this time on the cover of a dvd. That guy!
As a footnote, if Facebook were to track how many times someone looks at someone else's profile, it might initially cause Anna some concern to see how many times I look at Chris's profile. All I would say to reassure her is that his admirer is actually simply using his mother's Facebook account to check in on his favorite dark-haired and bearded friend. And perhaps check to see when he could maybe catch his upcoming gig or film?

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