Sunday, February 28, 2010

February showers...bring smiles and laughs!

"Shower the people (you love with love)" is one of my favorite songs by North Carolina's own James Taylor.
Last Sunday Georgia hosted a baby shower for Anna at their mum's house, and it was a really lovely time. Getting there was a little stressful due to some nasty traffice but I listened to my birth affirmations cd (about 5 times through) so I tried to feel positive that it wasn't 2 hours lost! I got to meet sweet Darcy Bo, Terri and Duncan's new daughter, as well as see the very cute Jessica S-B. We had a lot of fun playing a game where we had to guess with a piece of string how big Anna's bump is - quite embarrassingly, all of us apart from Michelle probably guessed at least 6-8 inches too big! We also played a game where we had to guess whether Anna would want the baby to get certain traits from her or Chris (e.g. Dancing Skills and Eyebrows - Anna; Sleeping Ability and Hair - Chris). I was also spoiled with a gift voucher to a local therapy room which I hope to use on a pregnancy massage. In fact, I am desperate to figure out when I could book this for! It was a very nice time and fun to hang with the moms and the mom-to-be!

Anna shower

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