Friday, February 12, 2010

Days to say prayers for others

I think that in general, I am pretty aware of how lucky I am to have good health, a sweet and loving family, wonderful friends, a job that pays the bills, a roof over my head, and all in all, a wonderfully rich life. On the nights when I put Blake to sleep I make a point to do an evening prayer with him where we say thanks for all the wonderful things we have to be happy about.

So it is at certain times when I hear news of others' misfortune that I stop and think to myself, ok, how bad is it that my healthy 2-year-son throws a tantrum and tests the limits of my patience, when there are so many people are who are going through much much worse? I thought this several weeks ago when details emerged from the earthquake disaster in Haiti, and this morning I had reason to pause and be thankful when I got an email from Cindy that made me shed a few tears, count my blessings, and say some prayers for others.

Her good friend and former roommate Jenna was in a serious car accident this week which has left her with multiple fractures to her knee, ribs and pelvis. Fortunately her injuries were not worse and she is being looked after in the ICU, but she will not be able to walk for several months and has a long road of rehabilitation ahead of her. This alone would be more than many families should have to deal with, but this follows a difficult 2009 where she delivered twin boys about 3 months early, and although they are finally at home now after a long stay in the hospital, the boys still require oxygen and feeding tubes. Her family and her husband's family are thankfully able to be with them to support them through what will no doubt be an extremely difficult time. I know it's sometimes hard to say prayers for people you don't know but I am sure they could use the extra thoughts at this time, so please add Jenna, Brett, Caleb and Dylan to your prayer lists. I hope that loving thoughts and hopeful prayers will help get them through this, and in the meantime I'll be counting my own blessings and thinking twice before complaining about the insignificant "hardships" in my life!

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