Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big birthday weekend

I will always remember the day Blake was born as one of the longest and most emotionally draining days of my life. Today, as he turned 2, I can say that it feels a bit like one of the longest and most physically draining days of my life!

Yesterday was supposed to be a normal Saturday but I woke up feeling a bit icky and it was soon clear that I had caught the vomiting bug that kept Matt out of work on Friday. It was rather unfortunate timing since we were supposed to go out to celebrate Anna's birthday and had a babysitter all lined up. I felt really horrible cancelling on her but there was just no way I could make it. I had about 10 minutes of wallowing in self-pity - ok, maybe 30 minutes - but then decided that it was just bad luck and no use dwelling on it. Matt did end up going out and I missed a good night - happy birthday, Anna!

I am pretty sure that I cannot remember a day within recent memory (past 2 weeks?) where Blake has slept past 6:00 am - and today was no exception. He was up at 5:45 and ergo, so were we. Fortunately I was feeling a lot better, although still pretty tired. A few weeks ago, I had attempted to organize a little party with the gang from Kensal Rise, but nobody could actually make it so we came up with another plan to take Blake to the London Transport Museum. Although it was quite a trek to get there - throughout the day we took the bus, several tubes, and the train - it was really worth it! The museum is great, with lots of vintage trains, buses, plenty of interactive things for the kids, a play area and, Mom's favorite, a gift shop where we could buy B a birthday present! He chose 2 Chuggington books so we read one at lunch at the Battersea Pie Shop in Covent Garden, and I'll save one until next Saturday when Tom, Lykke, Emma, Maya and Bishy are coming to celebrate. Blake also enjoyed chasing pigeons around the piazza in Covent Garden, and seemingly would have stayed out there in the rain all afternoon if we had let him. When we got back home about 3:30, Matt and I were both desperate for a nap and we thought we would get Blake's buy-in on this since he had not slept all day. We were wrong, unfortunately, so there were no naps for anyone today - ouch!

I had not done anything to take into nursery so I headed out for some eggs to make a little cake, we had a Skype call with Karla and John in Hickory (Blake got some fantastic Thomas the Tank Engines pyjamas from Karla which he put on over his trousers), opened some great presents, and then finally, it was time for the birthday boy's bedtime. After a bit of blogging and a bit of work, I am going to turn off the computer and go close my eyes. I don't think it will take long for sleep to come!

Happy birthday to our sweet boy, our baby, the joy in our lives. I'm hoping for some "Terrific Two's" as opposed to the dreaded "Terrible" ones!

Blake turns 2

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