Sunday, January 10, 2010

Settling in...again

This past week we were going through the "settling in" period at Blake's new nursery. Fortunately for me, this time around it was much easier on Mommy, although perhaps a little harder on Blake. At his age, he is much more aware than he was a year ago when we left him; whereas this time for me, I'm much more aware - with time and the wisdom of having done it before- that he's going to be absolutely fine. On Monday I took him in and he promptly started crying and ordering me to "Sit down". I reassured him I wasn't going anywhere, and that day I didn't. We stayed for an hour and he played a little but was checking frequently to see that I was still there. On Tuesday it was Matt's turn, and it didn't go very well as Matt had to leave Blake for them to try to give him lunch. Blake evidently just howled and protested enough that they went to get Matt and they ended up just giving up on the lunch plan, as Blake was making his intentions clear by saying "Ready go, ready go"until Matt decided it would be best to just abandon ship before Blake became traumatized. By Friday, we had a breakthrough: I left Blake playing and then actually witnessed him sleeping on a mat a few hours later. In a truly remarkable scene which I saw through the door, the staff in the room had 12 toddlers actually asleep all at the same time. How in the world...?!

Anyway, on Monday he'll do a full day and we'll hope it all goes well!

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