Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ringing in the new year

New Year's Eve was low-key, to say the least. At least this year we managed to get Blake to sleep so that he wasn't awake to ring in the new year like he was last year. I actually essentially missed the clock turning over into a new decade; I was in the kitchen making some food for New Year's Day and heard fireworks outside before realizing that they must be signalling the start of 2010. Matt came in a few minutes later and issued a fairly half-hearted, "Happy New Year?!" Oh well...! I also was too busy, or too apathetic, to make any resolutions. Not having any commitments to break and then feel disappointed about has felt pretty darn good.

2009 had many highlights, and I like to remind myself of them: January held, of course, the agony and eventual triumph of Lin's sleep improvement plan with Blake, along with his start of nursery. That seems like an awfully long time ago! February brought a big snow to London, on the day I was due to return back to work, along with that strange rash Blake had which we thought was measles but wasn't in the end. He turned one of course, which was a big event, apart from his being sick and having to cancel the party with his friends! In April we welcomed William Cook to the urban family, and in May there was a lot to celebrate: the birth of Scarlet Anderson, a trip to Woolers with Terri and Duncan, and Mark and Joan's wedding (along with an unexpected visit by Granny Karla to help out with the unexpected arrival of the chicken pox). In July we were honored to join Dr. Doug at his wedding to the lovely Annlou, and right at the end of the month we headed off to Topsail for a great week at the beach (a week which, while not starting this way, ended by my being teetotal). August saw my welcome into British society, along with the arrival of Beth's twins Alex and Cecily. In September I enjoyed a great weekend trip to NYC to join Haes and Jeremy at their marriage party, before our rainy week in Scotland, which was wet but nice. Adam and Michelle welcomed a sister, Jessica, for Sam. In October we were overjoyed to hear the news that Baby Pendse is on the way in March, I headed off to toast Cindy in Hanover as she married John Stanton '97, and we wrapped up the wedding season in Bristol with Chris Ballard and Sarah. In November Jack "Danger" Greening arrived, as did our sweet niece, Maya. And in the last month of the year, we moved (see earlier post!), and Terri and Duncan welcomed a little girl, Darcy Bo on the 26th! Scattered throughout were no doubt other big milestones which are simply escaping me for the moment, as well as a few visits from Granny Karla and Grandpa John and other huge development changes for Blake. Looking at the blog from the past year amazes me to see how much he has changed!

On New Year's Day, Heidi, Chris, Anna, Will, Raina and Scarlet came over to see the house. We ate hoppin' john (black-eyed peas and rice are supposed to both be good luck) and went for a very cold walk. It was nice to show people the new place albeit not quite in its ideal state. And so began another year, one which promises to be exciting, exhausting, rewarding...did I say exhausting? Here's wishing you the best year yet whatever it holds for you.

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