Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The power of 2

The three-foot alarm clock went off today at 5:20 a.m. GROAN! My initial thought was just a very foggy Nooooooo! He fussed and moaned until he got his bottle, which left us at a crossroads. It was clearly WAY too early to be awake, but would he realize this, or would he simply have visions of the Chuggington trains dancing through his head and insist on going downstairs for tv?! Fortunately for my mental health, a minor miracle occurred, and after a bit of twisting and turning, shunting his face up into mine and therefore nearly depriving me of oxygen, I next opened my eyes to see daylight in the bedroom and the clock showing 7:13. TWO additional hours of sleep!!
Because I hadn't actually set the real alarm presuming I would not need it, I was then nearly late to work, but man, did I feel like a million dollars. Honestly, I felt like my skin had gotten younger overnight, and although as with most mornings I was really craving a very strong latte, I was actually happy with some decaf tea once I got to the office.
The reports from nursery at the end of the day were good, so it's clear that an extra two hours of sleep worked wonders for us all. Blessed relief!

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