Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life lag

I had a not-small number of people this week ask me if I was suffering from jet lag following my trip to the US. After a moment or two of turning my eyes to the ceiling with a puzzled look on my face, as I debated the best way to answer, most of the time I gave a reply which stated that "No, I think I've recovered."
What I would have told them, though, had anyone asked, was that I think I am suffering from a severe of case of something I have coined "life lag."
Every so often, especially on ultra-grey, cold days like the ones we've had lately, I close my eyes and think back to Matt's and my honeymoon in September, 2006. I was in the best shape of my life (and had bought 5 new bikinis to celebrate), we had just had the most amazing week-long celebration with wonderful family and friends, and about the most taxing thing on the agenda was figuring out whether to have a frozen cocktail or a bottle of Mexican beer from the pool at the bar.
The fact that those memories are not yet four years old is amazing, when I consider the agenda of my current days. I think having a 2-year-old child (and I'll just throw it out there, even though it's contentious), a 2-year-old boy in particular, is pretty tiring. I also now am acutely aware that life in a 30-week pregnant body cannot really be considered comfortable (although of course this is going to get no more comfortable in the next 2, 5, 8 or, oh help, 10 weeks). And trying to squeeze about 40 hours of corporate time into 26.5 is not really ever a bundle of laughs. Romance in our house is currently highlighted through huddling together in bed (to keep out the draft from the curtainless windows) and laughing at the same moments when watching the tv show "Glee." I need a haircut, a massage, and would even settle for a bath and a 9:00 pm bedtime, but I can't seem to figure out how to arrange for any of these to take place. We don't really know where to start with work on the house, I still need to send out "We've Moved" cards, and I have just remembered that I haven't taken out my Ben and Jerry's to defrost before a pre-bedtime snack. Add all this up, and I give you..."Life lag"!
As I arrived into the office today, I pondered what would happen if I turned around and said I was too tired to be there. I didn't test it out, but I did eat a Twix bar at 2:00 pm which perked me up (temporarily no doubt). I then raced home out of the office 13 minutes later than I should have, but managed to make my train by about 45 seconds. See, no jet lag here! The result of this effort a mere hour later was that I could hardly move from the couch to go get Blake a box of raisins. And while I am on the topic, how annoying is it to step on raisins in sock feet?! Why are they not making it into his mouth where they should end up?!

The good news is we made it through the week despite the unsettled start on Monday morning. The other good news is that there are two work-free days ahead of us in which to enjoy the lack of commute and the absence of work headaches. And I am hoping, that maybe like my jet lag, my "life lag" may ease by Monday. I can but hope...

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