Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas 2009

For much of December it seemed that we all harbored colds. I know I had one that lasted at least 2 and a half weeks which made me cough so hard I contemplated buying adult diapers. And so it was that for Christmas 2009 Blake spent much of the time with a runny nose that ended up making him look like a little urchin from a Charles Dickens novel. We went to Matt's mother's to join Tom, Lykke, Emma and Maya for Christmas Eve, which is the bigger event for the Danish. On Christmas Day we gave Blake his "Santa present" of a scooter, which he seemed excited about, even if he doesn't exactly get quite how to work it just yet. There were so many presents and I felt like my dad who has long proclaimed not to understand why people buy gifts and spend so much money on this one day. Next year I want to go back to the days of an orange in a stocking being enough! (fat chance)

After the move it was nice to be in a warm, cozy place (the new house is a little chilly!), and Blake and Emma had fun chasing each other around and comparing toys. Tom and Lykke seemed to be doing very well with Maya but it was quite exhausting to imagine that we will have a newborn before we know it!

On Boxing Day it was back to the house, for more "unboxing days"! If I get a chance I'll post some video clips from Christmas some time soon.

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