Monday, January 25, 2010

Blake's possible professions (post started several weeks ago but only getting around to posting now)

I think it is natural for any parent to imagine at some stage what career path their child may follow when he/she grows up. I have been thinking a lot lately about what Blake is showing an inclination for, so I thought I'd share the list:

1) Dishwasher: "Washing up", as Matt calls it, is high on Blake's list of things he likes to do. Currently this involves him standing on a little stepladder in front of the sink and banging the cutlery around, before deciding to "eat the water".

2) Dictator, perhaps of a Spanish-speaking country: I mentioned in an earlier post how bossy our little guy has become. He issues commands which make me cringe at where he must have learned them ("Don't DO that" being a favorite). A phrase he utters a lot is "Come on, Daddy/Mommy" but for some reason he doesn't pronounce the hard "C" and "Come on" comes up sounding more like "Jamon" or "Hum on". Hence why he might actually turn out to be a decent Spanish speaker, if of course he wants to be!

3) Dancer: probably doesn't need much explanation, but may also not be one to pay the bills.

4) Parent: Granny Lyons (who is now called "Bishy") got Blake a baby doll for Christmas, and he has taken to ensuring that Baby's bottom is nicely coated in cream for nappy changes. He also occasionally likes to make sure we give Baby a cuddle, which is sweet, before he then flings her across the room to land on her head.

5) Door-to-door salesman/cold-caller: Going for a walk with Blake is a rather tedious activity at the outset, as he insists on making physical contact with the front doors of every single building that we encounter. Upon leaving our house, he rushes off to the next door down, stands against the door, and then heads off to the next house in the row. The close-up pictures in the snow were taken at the gate of #7 (we are #25 in our street), which he has taken a real liking to. This in-out weaving up the road can make very slow going, but it does show he is not afraid of going door to door.

6) Based on this morning's events, best-selling author of a children's guide to torturing one's parents through persistent, insistent and disruptive behavior. And the subsequent follow-up best-seller about winning them back through sweet giggling and cuddles.

I may add more to this list as I think of them...

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