Friday, November 27, 2009

Whole Foods saves Thanksgiving!

Matt has always been the more sensible of the two of us, so a few weeks ago when I asked him if I should "do Thanksgiving", he replied that he thought we had enough on our plate without a huge meal involving hours of preparation. He was right, of course, but yesterday morning I woke up with not an iota of a plan for how we would mark the 3rd of the 3 American holidays this year. Fortunately, Whole Foods on High Street Kensington was prepared for the onslaught of the expats (ones who probably make a lot more money than I do), so when Blake and I turned up there yesterday mid-afternoon, we were greeted by a man giving samples of pumpkin pie. I heard him explain to someone who had obviously never tried it before that it was an "acquired taste". They had stacks of pies - the normal-sized pies were fairly pricey at £8.99, and I didn't really think that Matt even likes it, so I managed to buy a 3" one - basically that's about two slices - for a mere £2.59...bargain! I then wandered over to the deli counter, where I got some slices of herb-roasted turkey breast, some sweet potato puree, a tub of cranberry relish, and gravy. Back at home, I mashed some potatoes, boiled some green beans, and baked some stuffing, and with just a few minutes in the microwave for everything else - Thanksgiving dinner was served (using our wedding china and silver which usually make 1-2 appearances a year)! Blake should have been in bed but instead dined with us; I can say with a great deal of certainty that cranberry sauce, suede chair covers, and a 22-month-old really do not mix very well. Still it was fun and important to celebrate the occasion, and we said our thanks for all the many things for which we are grateful: loving and wonderful families and friends, a roof over our heads, jobs, our beautiful son. Blake did not vocalize his thanks but he would have probably replied that he was thankful for "jam, Daisy Do, and bottles", which are the three things he asks for the most these days.

He also now has an interesting thing going on with dishcloths (tea towels for British readers), where he takes them out of the kitchen and lines them up on various areas of the floor or on his ride-on race car. We are really not sure what the background or motivation is. If you have seen this behavior please do let us know.

For now I'm thankful for the weekend, and for not having a fridge stuffed full of leftovers and a minimal mess to clean up last night. Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours!

This shot was about a minute into the meal and you can see that Blake did not care much about the "presentation" of the food for the photo...

This took me under an hour to "make"!

Fair-eyed family with red-eye issues...

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