Sunday, November 01, 2009


There are certain holidays where it's going to be down to me to establish or keep a tradition going for the UK Lyons, namely the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and evidently, Halloween. In the midst of carving our pumpkin yesterday, Matt proclaimed Halloween his "least favourite" holiday, because of kids "basically dressing up and then going out and begging." Hmmm.
It appears that this distaste for costumes has been passed down on his father's side to Blake, who near enough refused his specially-imported-from-the-US monkey outfit. We managed one photo with the main body of the outfit and a couple with the hat on, but it hardly takes you to the rainforest, does it?!
I was pretty proud of my pumpkin, however, initially feeling that the design for the mouth was a little complicated. Blake lucked out by being given a lollipop (first-ever!) at the local shop, and we then raided Will's parents' house for a bit of commemorative trick-or-treating before a quick get-together with Blake's friends Dinah and Eva, who were enjoying their costumes a little more than he was. I'll chalk it up to being a boy thing.
We left our curtains closed and didn't get any trick-or-treaters, so we now have an entire tub of Celebrations chocolate to enjoy (or save until Christmas, as Matt how likely is it that an entire tub of chocolate could go uneaten in the next 2 months?!). Overall, I'll give this Halloween a 5 out of 10. And next year I'm going to think of a costume that Blake won't even realize he's wearing...!

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