Monday, November 02, 2009

Dances with Lyons announces UK expansion plans

London (Blogwire) - Dances with Lyons, the international blog which charts the trials, joys and [sometimes] everyday goings-on of a London family, today announced plans to add a junior member of staff to its London-based team in 2010. The name - and in fact the gender - of the new staffer will not be announced until the addition is complete, sometime in early April, a DwL insider revealed.

"We are extremely excited about expanding the team," conveyed DwL's Managing Editor and Chief Correspondent, "although we recognize that there will be challenges ahead. We've seen that when we have junior members join us, it is an around-the-clock job that leaves everyone feeling pretty drained. The learning curve for everyone is very steep, but we hope to have learned some valuable lessons from when we started up DwL back in February 2008. We have the good fortune of knowing that some excellent advisors are just a phone call away."

The addition will result in a promotion for DwL's current Junior Correspondent, Blake Lyons, which the management team hopes will mean an increased influence on the blog's content. "The research we've performed among our reader base has shown us that Blake's contributions to our content have a significant effect on site hits and reader loyalty. We hope that in his role as Senior Correspondent this will continue to be the case, and that he can also play a mentoring role to the new junior staffer. "

Other changes include an increased focus on managing costs and a potential reduction in Travel and Expenses. "If our proposed move to a larger site in SE London goes through, we'll be grateful for the additional space but more mindful of our outgoings." Fortunately Jr Correspondent Lyons has shown a love of baked beans, renowned for their exceptional value for money. As well, DwL will continue to rely on its supply of retail children's clothing from the Foothills region of North Carolina. "Having shrewd suppliers around the globe makes life a lot easier in terms of managing our operations."

"It has been an extremely hectic several months for everyone on the team, but this gives us so much to look forward to in 2010. No doubt the next few months will go very quickly and we'll be welcoming the new member in no time. We're excited, but just hope we'll be ready!"

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alliekpettitt said...

you crack me up Meg!
Congrats on the news! So excited for you....
we've got 7 weeks to go til we add another little man to our brood. nervous and excited......
can't wait to see how riley loves on his brother. he thinks he is in his belly too- just gets hilarious!
congrats again!