Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend wrapup

It was a busy one, but as busy just seems to be the theme of our lives these days, at least this was a weekend full of nice times. Saturday we headed down Surrey-way to celebrate Lykke's birthday - belatedly - with lunch at Giraffe. Mom and Dad had ventured off to Scotland (in like a day) and were waiting for us when we got home, so it was nice to see them back and catch up a bit. Today we had a very near-miss at failing at our first Godparenting duties for William Cook by nearly being late to his Christening; after a horrendous 30 minutes at a stoplight on the A40, I said a little prayer that there would be no traffic on the M25 and must have been doing something right recently because it flowed pretty smoothly until Woking. I only wish I'd read Diane's email with instructions to the church instead of listening to Google maps, which gave the address of the site where the former church had been torn down last year! We made it with about a minute (or 30 seconds!?) to spare and all turned out ok. He was a very good little chap during his service, and Blake managed to be civil, and we were proud to be there at such a milestone in William's life.

Lunch at the Red Lion was taken in intervals as Matt and I alternated time outside with Blake who admired several Harley Davidsons parked outside, ran around in the rain, and generally displayed the impatience associated with a 19-month-old not impressed by a truly lovely 3-course meal.
Blake's love of motorcycles is matched only by his love of wearing our shoes - here he is sporting my pair on Thursday. Makes me laugh.
I'm off tomorrow to Stockholm and leaving Matt and "John" ("Where's John?" has been Blake's quote of the week) and Granny Karla in charge. Bring on Thursday! Have a good week all...

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