Thursday, October 08, 2009

Topsail Part 2

I happened to remember another memory card with more Topsail photos on it...
Topsail_August 09_Part 2

Blake and I enjoyed a very chilled-out day today, complete with an afternoon nap (hooray!). Blake enjoyed two separate breakfasts of Cheerios and crumpets, before we set off for the doctor's office. His cold - from Scotland - still hasn't gone, so I wanted to make sure something wasn't wrong with his chest. All ok in fact. Then to QP for some time on the swings. Blake has a very funny habit of needing to swing on every swing on the swingset, as if he's test driving cars to decide which one is best. Tearing him away from the swingset is kind of difficult these days. We're also into a very bossy stage, where he will push your legs where he wants you to go, and also commands you to "Sit down" in order to read books. The reading is good, though - I'm very pleased that he likes his books.

I think we'll all be glad for the weekend, although it will be a busy one and then the start of a hectic week and a half for me where I'm off to Stockholm and then the US for Cindy and John's wedding. Let's get through Friday first, I guess...!

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