Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Scotland photos

You will probably want to do some serious quick-flipping here, as a lot of these are my boring attempts at trying to get good scenic shots in the fleeting instants where it wasn't raining in Scotland. If I took this many photos in that dismal weather we had, I would hate to imagine how many I would have taken had it been bright and pretty.
Anyway, the editor will not be offended if you whiz through these at breakneck speed, especially those at the beginning when we're at Monkey Forest! I am sure those Barbary Macaques are not that interesting or attractive when not viewed in the flesh. My various attempts to get the perfect shot of purple heather are also probably less than exciting. Bonus points for anyone, however, who correctly counts the number of different animal types pictures in the set. In reviewing them I have also realised that I just lost some of my better shots of the seals (after prematurely deleting everything off my memory card of the camera!), but in general they were probably so unremarkable that I am not going to lose any sleep over it!

Scotland - Sept 09

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