Wednesday, October 07, 2009

North Carolina pictures

North Carolina in August seems like a long, long time ago, but here are the pictures which I have finally downloaded. I am not even going to attempt to do any editing or captions or else they would get posted by next August.

I still have a long way to go with my photography (a long way by the looks of it) but there are at least a couple of cute ones here, including photos with second cousin Charlotte and friends Emma Forbes, Jane Larkin and Thomas. I laugh when I see Blake in his yellow banana suit. Emma Forbes was kind enough to lend him her pink floaty vest but I laugh even more at those photos as he reminds me of a banana peel that has been wrapped in Hubba Bubba. The sequence where he can't figure out his shadow is pretty amusing too.

The first several are from when we arrived in Chapel Hill, where Mom and Dad got married 40 years ago. We went around and visited their old houses and haunts which was fun. There is a karaoke theme going on as the last photo is at the Topsail Island bar which did karaoke on the Friday nights - JF, Susan and I did Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time to an adoring audience (ha!).

North Carolina_August 09

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