Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Haes and Jeremy's party in NYC

A belated post to write about what a good time was had by all when the Dartmouth girls (all of us minus Beth, who was caring for newborns Alex and Cecily) headed to the Big Apple to celebrate with Haes and Jeremy...they got married two years ago but were just getting around to having a big party to celebrate! It was wonderful to see everyone - our reunions are too few and far between these days - and H&J looked great. Dinner was fabulous and the festivities carried on into Koreatown ("K-Town" as Haes calls it) where we had a huge room for karaoke. The singing was off-key but memorable. Here are the photos, finally. The rendition of John Denver's Country Roads is perhaps too painful on the ears to publish...
Haes and Jeremy - Sept 09, NYC

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